From 1994-2014, the CDC reports an increase of 7.8% in the number of United States citizens taking at least one prescription drug.* With the steady increase in the use of prescription drugs over the past 20 years, and with more children under 18 included in these statistics, our society has become pill dependent in ways previously unprecedented. As habitants of a pill nation, we must reflect on the factors which drive this change.
Sugarcoat trademarks a series of artworks which bring to light the position prescription medication holds in our consumer culture. Referencing contemporary advertising methods of enticing customers, I utilize bold colors and the candy store aesthetic to induce childhood nostalgia. Accomplished primarily through print media and interactive sculpture, Sugarcoat seeks to question the blind trust we place in brands to sell us a convenient and leisurely lifestyle; a lifestyle that is only a pill away
*National Center for Health Statistics. “Health, United States, 2016: With Chartbook on Long-term Trends in Health.” Hyattsville, MD. 2017.